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Infinity Renewable Energy
Corperate Branding

Demo Site

Work in Progress

8 week project


Brand kit

Responsive Web design

As an 8-week project, my professor assigned our class to review Infinity Renewable Energy's traditional brand to ensure it is friendly, modern, and suited for the everyday customer. We were given a small document containing the customer's needs and a brief history to start.

I created the copy for branded text within the project such as the in-depth version of IRE's history and brand guidelines.

After submission, I continued to iterate by creating a design system and a live demo site through Wix Studio.


I'm excited to share with you the corporate branding I completed for IRE, a university project focused on rebranding to launch consumer-focused products. The rebranding was aimed to capture their mission towards sustainability and align it with modern consumer needs. The end result is a cohesive and captivating brand identity that's designed to engage and inspire. 


My approach included a comprehensive analysis of consumer behavior and industry trends. The new branding aims to capture the company's mission and core values in a modern and captivating way that appeals to the end-users.