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USWK  History Month
Content & Brand design

Work in Progress

Content Design

Branding Design


For this project, I worked alongside a fellow United States Women's Kin designer to create the branding and internal social media content for our USWK community, one of the many internal communities enhancing the culture of Kyndryl. 

The recent work for the USWK Community for Women's History Month 2024 showcases our ability to tell a story through design and connect with the target audience. We're excited to share our inspiring work for USWK that celebrates women's achievements!

Week 00


Week 01

The First of our Women's History Month Events with featured KIN and other women leaders- Paige Price, Barbara Hurtado, Ann Schlaffman, Anita Mikus, and Christabel Sheridan from Microsoft, who leads Microsoft's LBGTQ+ ERG GLEAM. During this event, the speakers and the community shared personal experiences they encountered both in their lives and professional environment. The panelists emphasized the significance of supporting one another in overcoming obstacles related to career advancement and motherhood, as well as addressing diversity challenges, and gaining confidence. 

Week 02

Collaboration event with the Asian Pacific Islander KIN hosting guest speaker Miram Kim. Attendees learned about her journey and her study on GenAl, Generative AI, in the legal workplace.


She reflected on her background, from her childhood to her early days practicing law, as well as discussing the legal landscape of GenAl and its ability to improve our lives.

Week 03

Our third event was a conversation celebrating women as they embrace their journey through menopause with guest speakers from UKI- Sarah Paterson & Jane Hayes, as well as, Gretchen Tinnerman- our USWK executive sponsor & leader of the Kyndryl US TMT Market. Tune in to gain insights on women's well-being from our colleagues at Kyndryl and learn about its influence in their work-life. 

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